University of Arcadia

MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry

  • Thesis: "Influence, Aesthetic, Demographics, and Poetic Style: A Creative MFA Thesis Defense"
  • MFA Portfolio: Breakfast in Bancroft
  • Successfully Defended Thesis in a Roundtable Defense

Marietta College

BS in Chemistry

BA in Theatre

Minor in Philosophy

Certificate in Creative Writing

The Shaw Academy

Certificate in Digital Marketing (w/ distinction)


Literary Magazines


Marathon, 2013-2015

Guest Editor

Five Quarterly (Summer 2015)

West Side Poetry Workshop Leader

Cuyahoga County Public Library

June 2014 - Present (monthly)

Experience and Awards

MFA Study Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Workshops with Edinburgh MSc Professor Jane McKie
  • Public readings at the famed Milne's Bar (Poet's Pub), the Blind Poet, and Growing Underground

Publication History


"Family Practice" 2018 Hessler Poetry Anthology​, May 2018

"What I Pursue on Walks" Common Ground Review 

"The White Birch Grove" Right Hand Pointing, Issue 120, March 2018

"The Garrettsville Boardwalk" CCPL NaPoWriMo, April 2018 

  • This poem originally appeared in the 2015 Hessler Poetry Anthology in May of that year.

"Fluid Motion" Eunoia Review, Jan 2018

"Headwaters Trail" Cartwright Lit Poetry​, March 2016

"Family Practice" Right Hand Pointing, Issue 85, 2015

"Parking Lot Paint" Eunoia Review, 2015

"4 AM" Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, Dec 2014

"State Route 422" Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, Dec 2014

"Nelson Ledges State Park" The Rusty Nail, Issue 20, Sept/Oct 2014

"Brad's Liquor Stop" The Rusty Nail, Issue 20, Sept/Oct 2014

"Breakfast" Maple Axle, 2013


The Arm Catcher and Eye Sighter, Five2One Magazine, 2016 

Flash Fiction

"Living Walls" Crack the Spine, Issue 233, 2018 (Upcoming)


Black Aperture by Matt Rasmussen, published by Minotaur's Spotlight

The Morrow Plots by Matthew Gavin Frank, published by The Unsolicited Press

Sample Articles

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